Senior Show 8. Lights, Camera, Action! |

Senior Show 8. Lights, Camera, Action!


Show date: Nov 18 2017

Show time: 5:00pm

Call time: 4:00pm

Rehearsal date: Nov 16 2017

Rehearsal time: 6-9pm

Coming this November, a celebration of glitz and glamour as the stage meets the silver screen. Where for a shining moment you too can join a galaxy of stars on a journey down the red carpet and experience the thrill of lights camera action! Join our stunning senior students as they come together to perform pieces inspired by your favourite movies and showcase their fabulous year in performance! These talented teenagers will impress you with their skill, talent and passion for the stage. Duration of show 90 minutes.

Senior classes in this show:

Albany Saturday 13-18 year Pform Ballet

Browns Bay Tuesday 10-18 year Musical Theatre

Dannemora Wednesday 13-18 year Dance Sing Act

Ellerslie Tuesday 10-13 year Dance Sing Act

Elite Dance Troupe

Mairangi Friday 13-18 year Pform Dance

Mairangi Friday 13-18 year Pform Drama

Meadowbank Tuesday 13-18 year Pform Dance

Red Beach Friday 13-18 year Dance Sing Act

Remuera Wednesday 13-18 year Pform Drama

St Heliers Wednesday 13-18 year Dance Sing Act                                                                                    Remuera Thursday 13-18 year Ballet


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