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The Auckland Team

Tracey Stretton

Artistc and Founding Director

B.A., Dip Tchg., Dip Dance Drama in Education

Loves to dance, sing, play guitar, walk along stormy beaches. Married to Mike. Mum to Rose, Pearl and Will. Loves business and usually has head in business book. Started the company. Loves anything inspirational and positive. Believes you attract what you have in life. Super flexible (mind and body). Has super high standards. Likes the saying "We'll strive for perfection and we'll settle for excellence". Living the dream.

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Michael Stretton

Managing Director

B.A., Dip. Tchg. T.T.C. Managing Director

Loves history and reads all the time. Runs along Long Bay beach most mornings. Married to Trace. Dad to Rose, Pearl and Will. Enjoys a good red and food his kids hate like olives and feta cheese. Been a season ticket holder of the Warriors since they started and still waiting for the Grand Final win. Loves a game of golf and most sports. Favourite philosophies all about persistence. Loves leading the team and believes the harder you work the luckier you get.

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Grace Pilgrem

Pform Partner

Bachelor of Dance Studies

Born, raised and studied here in Aotearoa. Has two speeds in life - fast and asleep. Always full of energy. Loves to dance in formal and not so formal places - the more unusual the better. Often way too loud for the situation. Can hear her coming from a mile away. Has a young fid (feathered kid) called Bruce and a soft spot for turtles. Loves sharing happiness, positive vibes and talking, talking, talking.

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Tom Wardle

Management Team

ATCL Dip. Teaching Speech and Drama, UCOL Certificate in Performing Arts

Originally from the mainland. Tom is a actor through and through and has had a passion for story telling and performance since he was knee high to a grasshopper. Imagination driven performance is his passion and he loves how theatre can connect and inspire people from all walks of life. Too loud and energetic for his good, Tom loves quoting and performing Shakespeare (requested or not). He has an extensive knowledge on Batman and Batman related themes, loves literature, poetry, classic cinema and never turns down pizza when offered.

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Melissa Jones

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Ed)

Sydney born and bred. Auckland now home. Bought house in West Auckland with hubby-to-be. Adopted orphan kitten Puku. Renos currently running life. Loves dancing with friends in random places. Always up for travel adventures, spontaneous road trips... anything out of the norm. Big foodie. Keen movie go-er. Occasional Netflix series binges. Still ridiculously obsessed with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Main life goal - surrounding self with extraordinary people, food, coffee, wine.

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Lindsay Daniels

Bachelor of Arts (Drama)

20-something, loves travelling, food, acting (may spot her on a Shorty Street episode soon) and dancing. Likes to think that she is fashionable and owns 80 lipsticks! Loves watching movies on rainy days as well as being active at the gym.

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Tammy Palm

Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Studies & Sociology)

Born in South Africa but has really adapted to the kiwi lifestyle, having lived all over NZ - Auckland, Dunedin, and Wellington. Loves a good musical, you name it, she can sing it! Was way too obsessed with High School Musical and Twilight when it came out. Cried when she watched The Lion King on Broadway. Loves travelling so much - ask her about it and she won’t be able to stop.

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Neala Cullen

Loves adventuring and exploring, but nothing can beat movies inside on a rainy day. Her favourite things include dancing, makeup, Japanese food, TV, films and any form of potatoes (especially roast potatoes). As a child she would perform full musicals for all her soft toys and force her 4 older siblings to watch her dance routines. You will most likely find her curled up on the couch watching a movie, or or in the gym burning off some energy!

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Nicole Plewinski

Expressive oil painter and avid landscape/wildlife photographer, Nicole adores sparking enthusiasm for life and the people around us. She has an endless amount of curiosity for the stories yet to be told and loves discovering new ways to help others communicate and express themselves. Favourite saying; – Be the change.

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Kody Watts

Born and raised in Auckland. Loves playing the ukulele and singing loudly. Always up for spontaneous adventures, usually to the beach. Absolutely treasures being on stage, and the hard work that goes on beforehand even more. Adores musical theatre and will often burst into song at the most unexpected of times. Always excited about learning new things. Watches a lot of docos, eats a lot of marshmallows, and reads a lot of books about child development & education.

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Anna Condon

Bachelor of Arts Majoring in Drama

I am avid dog lover and long-time Disney fan, these two passions combined when I named my dog Nala, after Nala from the Lion King! Truly devastated that my Hogwarts letter never came through, still discussing with with my local post office, Hermione stole my thunder. Loves staying fit and active competes in cross fit regularly. Loud laugh that almost competes with my loud chewing. Favourite quote- a day without laughter is a day wasted.

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Jess Hebditch

JDNZ Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop

Outgoing and vibrant with a warm personality, Jess loves keeping physically active through dancing, pilates, yoga, gyming and swimming. Her friends are constantly telling her off for her dancing and off-key singing in public. Luckily her appalling singing is acceptable at the concerts and music festivals she enjoys going to. Infected with the travel bug, she is itching to get to Europe and South East Asia. She loves beach walks with her family, including her little white dog Millie! But if Jess does get a rainy day off you’ll find her snuggled up in bed with a block of Whitakers Creamy Milk, watching the Grey’s Anatomy series for the 3rd time.

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Lizzy Hagan

Bachelor of Dance Studies (In progress)

Singing, dancing, acting, you name it! Any aspect of performing arts or being on stage is Lizzy’s happy place. Musicals bring all three together which explains her love for Disney princesses, Teen Beach Movie and High School Musical of course. Her passions apart from performing include dressing up, opp shopping and going on adventures to new places.

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Rose Stretton student since 2003! Secretly a ginormous history nerd and sometimes prefers studying Shakespeare than performing it! Literally the biggest Cinderella fan in the entire world. Believes firmly that Beyoncé is the reason for existence. Unhealthily obsessed with coffee (ask anyone at the shows) and would never turn down a High School Musical marathon.

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Hannah Lamberton dance and drama student for around 8 years! is a part of her life and she doesn't know who she would be without it. Among the first Junior Leaders and loves to mention that regularly at staff PD's. Dance and Drama - and particularly Musical Theatre - are the most important things in her life, that - and food. Weirdly great at remembering lyrics and loves to sing, loudly, to any and every song that comes on. Loud, excitable and just a little bit weird, she enjoys classes above all else.

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Ebony Andrew

A proud kiwi get-go'er. From Ngaati Maniapoto tribe. Favorite food is pickles, all pickles. Loves to pretend, loves spontaneity, loves people, people, people. The future Mrs DiCaprio. Can be found excessively jamming out to 70's classics or on the beach. Faithful to my beautiful Maori culture. Lives for the journey rather than the destination.

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Claire Ackermann

Management Team

Bachelor of Arts (Major Psychology / Education), Certificate of Performing Arts (Major Dance)

Loves chick flicks, shopping and coffee. Has loved dance ever since she could move and always had a girl crush on Britney spears. Constantly lip syncing in the car and in front of the mirror. Always has lots of enthusiasm and tries to find the fun in everything. Main aim in life is to have fun, love people and never take things too seriously. Lives in Auckland with brand new fabulous hubby!

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Kayla Ritchie

RAD Ballet, AJDA Jazz, NZAMD Hip Hop

Newly married. You can always hear her even if you can’t see her. Is not short but fun-sized. Has at least 5 different laughs. Was able to dance before she could walk. Can often be found at the gym, the beach or a café. Favourite dance move is anything involving leaping.

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