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Our Team of AMAZINGLY talented Junior Leaders work alongside the Tutors each week to hone thier directing skills, assist in running activities and become a whole lot of kids best friends.

We can't express just how wonderfully valuable these performers are to our classes and showcases each and every year.

We adore you all!




Our Junior Tutor Team are brand new to 2018. We created this position to reward those Junior Leaders who have proven their maturity, skill and unmatched talent when it comes to dealing with kids and educating through the Performing Arts. This is the first ever group of JT's and we couldn't be prouder of them- they've worked tirelessly to achieve incredible feats within the Pform family. 





Catie has been with Pform.nz for 4 years- this is her 3rd year as a Junior Leader!

She's  super bubbly, enthusiastic and her favourite thing to do is smile.

She loves mucking around with friends...and watching Riverdale everyday!

Catie is in love with chicken nuggets and hot chips.

Her go to catchphrase is "oh my nuggets" and "cool beans".

Catie loves performing and dances around everywhere!

She's constantly embarrassing herself but doesn't mind it at all.

She loves seeing the kids in class every week and can't wait to continue into a Tutor position in the future! 








Tianna joined Pform.nz in 2012 when she was 8 years old and became a Junior Leader in 2015. 

In the weekends, she loves dancing in Pform's Senior Elite Troupe and volunteering at a local farm park (she REALLY loves animals!) 

Tianna is absolutely in love with helping out in classes and is so happy that she is now part of the Junior Tutor Team!

She performed as Alice in Pform's 'Alice in Wonderland' dance at Disneyland and Hollywood Boulevard in 2014!










Abby started Pform.nz in 2008, became a JL in 2014 and is a true french toast enthusiast. 

Abby loves everything to do with the Performing Arts, pink, glitter and unicorns (of course).

Can often be found singing in public bathrooms or dancing in supermarket aisles...

She credits this level of confidence to everything she's learnt at Pform.

Abby can also recite the entire script of The Little Mermaid.

Loves her friends, family, cats and (growing) collection of patterned socks.

Abby loves being a part of the Team and can't wait to continue investing time into her biggest passion.

She's excited to learn and grow along with the rest of this fabulous team.






Ruby started Pform.nz when she was 6 in 2010.

She is bubbly and enthusiastic and loves the Pform life!!

Ruby is a part of our first ever Junior Tutor Team and she is incredibly pumped.

Ruby's hobbies outside of Pform include hanging out with friends, netball, her kittens, and just overall being silly and having fun!

Ruby loves dance, acting, and the Performing Arts in general...she plans on auditioning for her school production and is super excited!

Ruby loves school, learning new things and is always up for a good laugh.









Big haired, Disney loving, bookworm and excessive tea drinker.

Jess loves everything to do with drama and performance.

She has worked with Pform.nz since 2011 and has loved every bit of it!! 

Jess thinks that show season is the BEST time of the year and wishes she could live in it forever.

A recent Elite Troupee, Jess finds joy in expressing herself through dance (and you’ll def find her busting out her moves at any JL party)

You can find her watching replays of LaLa Land and Up at any given moment.

She loves to hang out with her friends and family more than anything.







Fran is a horse-crazy  person that first started Pform.nz in 2012.

She attended her first Pform class as a 'Bring a Friend' guest and fell in love with the creative arts!

Fast forward a couple of years and she's still horse-crazy and still killing it at Pform.

She lives by the motto '0800 naps all day'. 

Fran started Junior Leading in 2015 and has never looked back. 

She also plays the clarinet and is always up for a game of scream.








Pearl started Pform.nz 11 years ago and has been on the Junior Leader Team for 5 years!

She loves the 70's and is convinced she was born in the wrong era.

She loves all things indie and frequently browses the #aesthetic tag on Instagram.

Pearl is obsessed with ukeleles, Steven Universe and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

When she's not hanging out at Senior Elite Troupe and practicing  dance tricks with Josh, you can find her listening to Dodie Clark on repeat.

Prides herself on her awkwardness and loves a spicy meme or two.










Jana has been a Pform student since 2009!!

She loves music, art and all things Disney! 

She can ALWAYS be found jamming in her room to Taylor Swift or eating unhealthy amounts chocolate. 

She has been a Junior Leader since 2017. 

Her favourite thing about it is watching all the students have fun and thrive.










Dom started Pform when she was 5 years old! 

Her (amazing) Tutor Claire asked her to become a JL when she was 11. 

Dom loves to dance and act but her favourit part of the year is always show season!

She is a member of the Intermediate Elite Troupe and takes lots of inspiration from her fellow dancers. 

She was so excited when she heard about the Pform trip to LA in 2017 and had the time of her life performing at Disneyland!!

Dom can't wait for thousands more amazing expeirinces with Pform.nz <3










Jessica is a super bubbly and fun person!

She loves to eat ice-cream while watching her fav movie, Blended.

Jessica has been a part of Pform.nz for 2 years and even travelled to LA for the 2017 Disney Trip!

She loves helping Hannah and working with the younger kids as a Junior Leader.

Jess has been part of Pform's Intermediate Elite Troupe for two years and loves it!!

Jess loves her Tutors and all the friendships she has made along the way during her Pform journey. 







Riley has been doing Pform for 6 years and started at the age of 7!

Riley loves dancing, jamming to some good music and is a bit of a Drama Queen.

She also loves playing Hockey, going on adventures, swimming and tanning on the beach and hanging out with her puppy, Scout.

Riley's nickname is Smiley Riley because she loves smiling and laughing!

She is always happy to give anything a go.











Izzie loves sport and is super chatty! 

She has been doing Pform for six and a half years.

This is her first year as a JL...she teaches with Ella and Lindsay and loves that she gets to JL with her best friend every week!

Has a German last name and sometimes doesn't know how to pronounce it!










Ella lovres hanging out with friends!

She also really enjoys swimming and netball.

Ella has been doing Pform for 6 years now, this being her 7th year!

2018 is her 1st year as a JL and she's super excited to teach at Parnell!

Ella loves travelling and doing Pform.










Mahia loves to dance and will bust out a move any second she gets!

Mahia's favourite thing to do is go to the beach...

This is mainly becasue there are ice-cream shops around and she is obsessed with ice-cream (like, really obessed).

She loves all things Disney.

She has been with Pform.nz since 2014 and this is her first year as a Junior Leader...she LOVES IT!!!

OBSESSED with online shopping!!! (and buying dancewear).








Jessica loves acting and has been with Pform.nz since 2012!

She loves musicals and singing really badly in the car.

You can always find Jessica with her friends or hanging at the Kohimarama and St. Heliers Pform classes!












Milly loves acting and hanging out with her friends.

Some of her hobbies are writing, reading, watching Netflix, eating and of course going to Pform!

She was born with a severe laughing problem and can’t go 1 minute without laughing her head off or cracking some bad puns.

 ...she also has a tendancy to laugh hysterically at her own jokes.

Milly is creative, bubbly, funny and kind.

Her favourite food is pasta.









Jessie started Pform.nz in 2014! 

She loves mint chocolate chip ice-cream and considers Sushi her favourite food ever.

Jessie plays the flute and ukulele.

She loves dance and does jazz, tap and Pform Hip-hop.

Jessie also loves Enid Bylon.









Sabine loves being overdramatic and enthusiastic about everything! 

This is her 5th year at Pform.nz and she absolutely loves it! 

When she isn’t dancing her heart out she can be found sitting on her couch watching Stranger Things (and every other Netflix show). 

Sabine is also addicted to her cats and telling everybody her stupid jokes.












Emily has been dancing since she was three years old.

She has had 15+ rabbits, 3 rats, 1 dog, and 10 fish!!

She has always been in cheersquad at school.

She has had a passion for dance, reading and writing for as long as she can remember.

Last year she made it to the Intermediate Elite Troupe and has made heaps of awesome friends.

She started Pform really shy, and Gracie haleped her come out of her shell and become a better dancer.









Brooke has enjoyed performing since she was little.

She started Pform.nz about 4 years ago and has always been willing to help out wherever possible.

Brooke has been a singer in all her shcool choirs and acts in as many pieces as she can!

When not at drama, she loves hanging out with friends and watching Netflix. 











Ben started in 2010 and has been a Junior Leader for 2 years. 

He has a dog who he loves to walk!

Part German, part English and part Kiwi!

Would love to be an actor and really enjoys training with Tom during class.

Pform.nz is his favourite thing to do!









This year, Juliette will have been at Pform.nz for 10 years!

This is her first year as a Junior Leader.

Whatever you call her (Juliette, Julie, Julia, Julianne, JouJou, Julietta or 'that other brunette girl') she'll probably respond!

Juliette has always loved being on stage dancing, singing and performing drama pieces.

She loves art, drama and science and can speak fluent French!

Her love for performing has bloomed like crazy and she's now a part of her 2018 school musical.









Loves travelling and Pform.nz! 

She loves to express herself and be super crazy.

Likes hanging out with friends and laughing all the time!! 

Commonly called Tay-Tay by her Pform family. 

If you can’t find her anywhere, she is most likely dancing or binge-watching Netflix.











Charlie started Pform in 2011 and is still going strong because she loves it so much!

Charlie loves acting and dance so much so that in her spare time, Charlie writes songs on the ukelele and any other instument she can find!

Charlie is a wierd, quirky, random person in general who loves food and will eat literally anything and everything.

Charlie loves being a Junior Leader because she gets to know all of the wonderful, unique performers and help them shine in class.










Sophie has been doing 3 years of Pform.nz and LOVES it!

She had always loved dancing, acting and singing and is so excited to be a Junior Leader for 2018.

Besides being at Pform you can find Sophie being super dramatic and WAYY overexcited about everything happening around her

...or potentiall hanging out at a dairy as she has a serious sweet tooth!

She is passionate about anything Performing Arts related and is always up for a good challenge!

She’s so ready to make 2018 at Pform.nz the BEST ONE YET!!!








Poppy LOVES Harry Potter (#HufflepuffForever) and dog memes.

... so basically Harry Potter dog memes after class are definitely her idea of cool.

Her hobbies include reading, reading, reading, watching funny YouTube videos and... reading.

She teaches the 4-7 and 7-10 classes on Wednesday at Kings.












Aimee has been with Pform.nz since 2014 and became a Junior Leader last year.

When she's not in class or with her FABULOUS 7-10's, Aimee loves playing netball and being overly dramatic about everything.

She loves food, Netflix and travelling the world.

At the end of the day, Pform.nz is her life and she's PUMPED for 2018!











Harper loves Stranger Things and is obsessed with chicken nuggets. 

This is her first year as a Junior Leader and second year as a part of the Pform family!

She loves 21 Pilots and has a fear of belly buttons.

She loves travelling and is a major shopaholic.









Anna has been doing Pform.nz since 2011 and started her Junior Leading in 2018.

She loves Harry Potter and her favourite food is sushi.

She is very passionate about dancing and acting.

Anna is loud and enthusiastic and loves watching Netflix, playing netball and doing art!

She LOVES all animals and has two kittens.

Her older sister Ruby is a Junior Tutor!

She is always willing to give everything a try. 








Amy started Pform in 2010 and became a Junior Leader in 2016.

She loves dance, drama and singing.

More than that however, she loves helping Pform.nz students reach their goals.

Also known for having alpacas, over 6 Pform bears and a huge heart!










Izzy loves watching as much YouTube as she possibly can and loves staring at herself in the mirror! 

She started Pform.nz in 2016 and became a Junior Leader in 2018.

She has 1 sibling (but is obviously the favourite) and is also prone to losings.

She loves being with Pform.









Will loves Ben 10, Marvel and macaroni cheese.

He won't say his favourite animal because he has 10 of them.

Obsessed with mythology and loves to tap dance!

He has been doing Pform.nz since he was 4 years old so he knows what he's doing.

Loves acting more than anything and secretly a great soprano singer!









Isobel loves to snuggle in blankets and watch movies.

She likes to be called Izzy.

Izzy started her journey at Pform in 2013 and this is her 6th year!

She’s been a Junior Leader for for two years now!

Random fact: she hates horror films but loves scary TV series!

Izzy loves Marvel movies!










Ashley is known for being able to use any technical means to make the dreams of students come true.

Ashley loves photography, cinematography, editing, lighting, sound and programming.

Most importantly,  they help the shows run smoothly and come to life!

Also known for having extremely well-kept admin work, lots of oddfellows and a large collection of glitter pens. 









Micaela loves to watch Netflix and to eat food.

She has been at Pform since 2011, though she missed a year in 2013.

Micaela’s favourite subject is English!

In her spare time she LOVES hanging out with friends.

Her favourite holiday country is Fiji!

She enjoys acting and performing in front of an audience more than anything.










Eve is TOTALLY crazy!!

She loves horses (as well as Pform), hanging out with her friends and eating ice-cream!

Eve is a great help to Hannah, she loves dance more than anything and loved being a Junior Leader in 2018!

She thinks reversible sequins are pretty cool (again, horses are awesome).









Anna is a natural born performer and LOVES the spotlight, starting Pform.nz in 2010 and becoming a Junior Leader in 2018! 

Anna is a vegetarian with a massive sweet-tooth (she'll eat anything with sugar in it).

She has an obsession with Disney and her favourite movie is the live-action Cinderella!

Anna was born in Texas and plans to move back to the U.S. to become an actress... after becoming a Pform.nz Tutor, that is!

She's a YouTube enthusiast and procrastinates hours of homework watching videos.

Anna can't wait to meet new kids, give them confidence and help them develop their sparkle!

In the wise words of Anna, stay fabulous!







Arabella likes to eat. A lot.

She enjoys going to the mall because she loves being basic.

Arabella likes to sing and put on grandma accents, it calms her.

She goes to Carmel College and is really bad at maths.

Arabella is very good at being loud and sassy.

She has been part of the Pform.nz family for 3 years and has been a Junior Leader for 2.




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