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We run four 9-week terms during the year. You can choose our after school classes in Dance, Drama, Musical Theatre or a combination of all three at most age levels. We also run classes from schools during the school day and these are our Pform@Schools classes. We train children, teens and adults and all of our children and teen Pformers get a fabulous, big show experience in November.

Term 1 and Term 2

These two terms run separately and you can book each term separately.

Terms 1 and 2 are so beneficial in terms of up skilling you for the big show experience as well as for life! We cover performance skills and work together to build a healthy class culture.  Our learning objectives are about building trust and about each individual performer building their proficiency and ability to enhance their talent.

You can join at anytime during the term and if you are joining after Week 4, contact us in the office for a discount code so that you don't pay the full Term fee.

The cost:

$169 per term

$159 for Pform@School Programmes 

Term 3 and Term 4

Then we hit our exciting production semester and this is where we combine Terms 3 and 4 into one package. You can't book Term 4 without Term 3 and vice versa. This ensures the quality of the show items due to the fact that we have each and every performer’s commitment to both Terms. You pay for the full Production Semester at the beginning of Term 3 which gives you training for both terms from July through to December as well as the big show experience!

Although it is very beneficial for the performer to complete Terms 1 and 2 before tackling the production semester, it’s not too late to join! Term 1 & 2 are not a pre requisite. You can jump into the production semester in June when the bookings for Terms 3 and 4 open and still have a wonderful big show experience! View our classes on offer here

Got more questions? Check out our FAQ's here. And please feel free to contact our friendly staff on 09 4764045 or for anything at all....we're more than happy to help!

The cost:

$400 for the Production Semester (Inclusive of Term 3, Term 4 and the Production Fee)  

$380 for Pform@School Programmes Production Semesters 



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get the TEAM!

The tutors run professional
& fun classes. Our tutors -

  • Listen to the children and are perceptive to their needs
  • Control the class in a positive way
  • Teach excellent curriculum
  • Are professionally groomed
  • Run structured classes
  • Have the respect of the group
  • Use positive speech and body languages
  • Create and foster a positive and happy class synergy
  • Care about the children and young adults
  • Build the students up with positive praises

Upcoming Auckland
Term Dates

TERM 2 2018
New Zealand
30 Apr - 30 Jun
TERM 3 2018
New Zealand
23 Jul - 22 Sep
TERM 4 2018
New Zealand
15 Oct - 15 Dec
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