IMAGINE - Show 3


Show date: Nov 12 2016

Show time: 5:00pm

Call time: 4:00pm

Rehearsal date: Nov 11 2016

Rehearsal time: 4-6pm

If we could all see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything. Join our stunning students as they come together to showcase their fabulous year in performance! 4-7 year old classes are not required at the Friday evening rehearsals but are to arrive on Saturday 12th November at 3.45pm

Duration of show 80 minutes.

Venues in this show: Ponsonby Saturday, Cockle Bay Saturday, Red Beach Friday Junior (not 10-13 year class), Maraetai Thursday, Kohia Terrace Thursday, Westmere Friday 10-13 year class, Northcross Friday

Choose, get the TEAM!

The tutors run professional
& fun classes. Our tutors -

  • Listen to the children and are perceptive to their needs
  • Control the class in a positive way
  • Teach excellent curriculum
  • Are professionally groomed
  • Run structured classes
  • Have the respect of the group
  • Use positive speech and body languages
  • Create and foster a positive and happy class synergy
  • Care about the children and young adults
  • Build the students up with positive praises

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