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Paige Grant-Huggett

Paige Grant-Huggett


Paige has been performing since she was 3 years old whether it was singing, dancing, acting or gymnastics. Starting artistic gymnastics at age 3, she moved into rhythmic gymnastics at age 7 going on to compete nationally and internationally representing New Zealand. Starting her first Nationals at age 12 she has been nationally and podium ranked in the top 3 New Zealand gymnasts since 2012. She represented her club overseas in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, coming 5th and 12th overall and trialled and competed for New Zealand at the Australian National Championships in 2016, 2017 and 2018, with the New Zealand team coming 3rd overall in 2017. In 2017 Paige was invited to join a Senior International Group with the goal of being the first New Zealand team to compete in rhythmic gymnastics in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. In 2018, she and the group trialled and competed for New Zealand in two 2018 World Cups and the 2018 World Championships, taking the first step to qualify for the Olympics. Alongside this Paige has been a Rhythmic coach since 2014. Rhythmic gymnastics is a particularly performance based sport and Paige always finds ways to add the performing arts in her life. During High School, Paige was Cinderella in the Senior Production of Cinderella and was also the Head Dancer and Choreographer for the Senior Musicals in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and was the recipient of Best Performed Choreography at the iTicket Showdown Awards in 2014. At the 2016, New Zealand University of Otago Sheila Winn Regional Shakespeare Festival, her ensemble were the recipients of Most Original Concept and Best Student Directed Scene. Endorsed Drama with excellence all three years of NCEA along with subject Excellence in both Drama and Dance, Paige is also trained in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical and Musical Theatre. Currently Paige is studying towards a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Auckland with a double major in Drama and Screen Productions.

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