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What will I learn?

To become confident, build self esteem, train in voice, movement, performance. Creative story telling, explore make believe characters, use costume and mask, learn dance, hip hop, contemporary, creative movement, scripts, plays and poems, act out the best children’s literature, film and screen, voice, speech, prepare show items, hone performance skills. Our classes build confidence, creativity & character.

What do I wear?

We have a Pform.nz Uniform. Black leggings, shorts or trousers that are appropriate to perform in (NOT JEANS) and a Pform.nz top which you purchase when you first book a class.

How are classes run?

With profesionalism and positivity. Our teachers weave their magic by inspiring you  to learn. Each lesson is designed with a specific Learning Objective. We are an education based company with years of EDUCATION experience and qualifications behind us.

Can we trial a class?

We do recommend that you book in advance to avoid missing a place. If you want to wait and trial a class then you may need to change the venue if the class is already full. By the time we hit week 4 in Term 3 all classes are closed to new enrolments for the rest of the year while we weave our magic and build our stage items for the end of year shows. Remember too that there is never any risk to enrol; all new enrolments are covered by the Pform.nz Guarantee. If after coming to and participating in the first four sessions, you are not happy with the Pform.nz experience, we will graciously refund you in full. Note that you must attend all four consecutive sessions to be eligible for the refund and the refund is not available for the Full Year Promo Pack which is a non-refundable Promotion.

Do we do a show?

Yes all class age groups will perform in a big stage show at a professional theatre in Term 4.

What is the Production Semester Package?
At Pform.nz we package Term 3 & Term 4 together into our Production Semester which ensures the quality of the show items due to the fact that we have all of the performers' commitment to both terms. You do pay for the full Production Semester at the beginning of Term 3 which gives you your performance classes for Term 3, Term 4 and the Production Fee. Classes run right through until mid December and the shows are in November.

Can we join part way through a term?

Terms 1 & 2: You can join anytime during Terms 1 or 2. We sell our classes on a term basis and you are welcome to make up any classes missed at any of our other venues.

Terms 3 & 4: No, these are our Production Preparation terms so we do not take new clients after week 4 in Term 3.

Can we stay to watch a class?

Of course you can! The first time you introduce your child to us, you will want to stay to observe us in action. After that, you are welcome to stay and watch but remember that the students get the best value out of these classes when there are no distractions. We are a strong education based company and the classes are about the children, the learning objectives and the pedagogy. Sometimes parents and younger siblings can inadvertently break the focus and compromise the professionalism, which we guard passionately. We thank you in advance for respecting the learning process.


How long are classes?

In-school Programs- 45 minutes

4-7 Year DANCE|SING| ACT- 50 minutes

All others- One hour.

How many weeks are in a term?

This varies between 7-9 weeks and is dependent on the school terms and when holidays such as Easter falls in any given year.

Do you discount classes?

No, all classes are the same cost.

Do you run classes on public holidays?

No, we do not run classes on public holidays or public holiday weekends. Any classes missed can be made up at any of our other venues the week prior or after the class missed. Check out our timetable for other times and venues.

Do you refund for classes missed?

No, classes are sold on a term, semester or full year basis, not on a class by class basis. If you miss a class for any reason be it a public holiday, sickness or Nana's 80th Birthday, you are able to make up a class at any of our other venues. Check out our timetable for other times and venues.


How do we pay for classes?
On our website with our online booking system. You set up your own account & create your unique login so you can always come in and manage your classes. Full payment is made at the time of booking & we have Laybuy for those wanting to extend the payment to 6 weekly installments.

The class I want to book is full - can I go onto a waiting list?
No we do not have waiting lists. If the class is full you will need to book a place into a different class. We have many classes on offer each week and there will be another class close to you. Email our friendly office staff for advice on alternative classes if you need help.

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The Pform.nz tutors run professional
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  • Listen to the children and are perceptive to their needs
  • Control the class in a positive way
  • Teach excellent curriculum
  • Are professionally groomed
  • Run structured classes
  • Have the respect of the group
  • Use positive speech and body languages
  • Create and foster a positive and happy class synergy
  • Care about the children and young adults
  • Build the students up with positive praises

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